Security, broken with a quest for convenience

I feel compelled to write about something I just found out yesterday. It was about a service that CloudFlare proudly touted as an innovation on web security technology — Keyless SSL. It allows CloudFlare, as a CDN provider, to “securely” serve content for the origin, with the origin’s own TLS certificate, but without requiring the origin to give up its private key. At first I was pleasantly surprised. If something can really be done it will with no doubt boost the security and even redefine how CDNs work today. … »

It all started with humblebragging

I used to be an avid user of social media, and I truly believed that social media brought people together. When I was first introduced to social media back in high school, it was a pleasant surprise to find most of my childhood friends there, and it was really great to feel connected again (though most of us only lived several blocks apart). Back then social media was still a relatively informative place, since everybody was a student of some sort and had almost nothing to worry about except for the homework and exams (so these were also what we posted all the time…). … »

The (fake) football crisis

I never liked opinion sections on any media. I like facts, not speculations, or so-called analyses which in my opinion are just speculations from “experts” (I come from a culture where publicly speaking experts have no credibility whatsoever so I might be a little biased on the latter one). My critical feelings against media exacerbates as Tom Brady and his deflated footballs keep making national headlines, eclipsing real issues like the earthquake in Nepal or Ted Cruz’s outrageous comments on climate change. … »