How I Met Your Mother — A Finale and a fresh start

!!Spoilers alert!! !!Spoilers alert!! !!Spoilers alert!! If you haven’t watched the final episode, move your eyes away! Unless you don’t care about this series or haven’t been following it for a long time. When it freaked you out, they succeeded. Most people who watched the final episode of the 9-year-long series How I Met Your Mother on Monday found it hard to accept. More than a decade of time span was crammed into less than an hour (including those annoying commercial breaks), and most of us were not prepared at all for the final twist that literally “ruins” many’s ideals about the show. … »

The Wolf of Wall Street: Great Story, Bitter Reality

I saw the well received movie by the acclaimed director Martin Scorsese The Wolf of Wall Street yesterday, and I have to say the $7.50 student rate was truly a great bargain. The three-hour -long movie can be a little overwhelming, but from the laughters from the opening till the closing credits I can conclude that everybody enjoys it. It is definitely a great piece of entertainment (rated R, of course); it’s also a powerful piece of art, and perhaps most importantly, it’s one of the most thought-provoking storytellings that we don’t have the luck to encounter every year. … »

Terminologies: good or evil?

Due to some reason, I read through an article written in 1990 by Dorothy Winsor, titled The Construction of Knowledge in Organizations, which presents a stunning new view towards some critical failure contributing to the Challenger’s accident in 1986. One of Winsor’s points in this article is that the decision-making body at the time was not necessarily aware of the situation, which is contrary to the most widely accepted public perception of the official investigation on this accident. … »